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Support the Great Salt Lake Collaborative’s efforts to harness the resources and reach of Utah’s major newsrooms, who work together to cover the story of Great Salt Lake. They and their community partners are committed to investigating evidence-based solutions to the crisis of the shrinking lake—and bringing those examples to the public through journalism and unique events.

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Tell Your Story

What effect has Great Salt Lake had on you? Have you hiked Antelope Island? Have a memory of sailing or rowing or duck hunting? Tell us about it!

Utah Public Radio is collecting audio stories about GSL for our community story telling project, Lake Effect. This series will highlight individuals’ relationships with Utah’s inland sea. We are taking submissions from you, the people who call Utah home, so send in your story and be a part of the Lake Effect!

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Attend an Event

There are many opportunities to learn about the Great Salt Lake with local organizations. View the calendar (and reach out to us if you have relevant events to add).